Some Things Are Too Important To Be Left To Chance 

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My friend, by taking advantage of the Challenge Secrets Intensive, you already have access to my super-awesome course, some incredibly valuable bonuses, and even had the chance to have me help you design your challenge in our 1-Day Challenge Intensive Workshop. 

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As you heard me share earlier...sometimes things are too important to leave to chance. When the risk of distraction, procrastination, and/or perfectionism is just too high, that's when it just makes sense to set yourself up for success by getting coaching to answer all your questions and some good old-fashioned accountability to help make sure you actually do this.

So if you know that your odds of actually doing this, 
and actually running your challenge...
and not just running your challenge...
but looking like a pro and getting the results you want...
then this is for you.

Pedro's Totally Ridiculous $10,000 Or More Guarantee

I'm so certain that i can help you make 5 figures in 5 weks or less with my challenge system that here is my $10,000 Guarantee...

If you follow my challenge training, and run your challenge...and your not pleased with the results...

Then you can submit a challenge makeover request...and i will personally review everything bout your challenge tell you exactly whats wrong and tell you exactly what I would do to fix it. 

Then you can go and run the challenge again with my expert advice so you can get the results you wanted and more.


Here's How The 555
June Jumpstart Works:

2 Weekly
Coaching Sessions

Starting Tuesday, May 30th 
Ending Friday, June 30th

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Weekly Accountability

Check-In With Results Every Friday & Get Your Questions Answered By Pedro

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Community &

In Our Private June Jumpstart Facebook Group

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Get Started For 3 Installments Of Only



​Richmond Dinh's Entire Organic Traffic Course

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3-hr Workshop How to Design Your First Virtual Event with Bari Baumgardner

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Paid Traffic Training with Kasim Aslam

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In this 5-Week Live COACHING and ACCOUNTABILITY PROGRAM, you will get LIVE BEST-IN-CLASS CHALLENGE COACHING others have paid $29,997+ for Starting on TUESDAY, MAY 30th.


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Pedro Adao

  • 8-Figure Entrepreneur
  • Marketing Industry Expert: The #1 Go To Expert on Challenges & Creator of Crush It With Challenges
  • ​​​Sought After Marketing and Business Consultant To Some Of The Most Successful Entrepreneurs and Ministry Leaders In The World 
  • ​Founder Of The 100X Academy: The #1 Training Program and Community For Kingdom Entrepreneurs


Richmond diNH

  • The "The Never Settle Guy" 
  • #1 Go To Industry Expert on Organic Marketing & Filling Challenges FOR FREE using Social Media 
  • ​​​Speaker, Coach, & Consultant He has also toured around Australia alongside Grant Cardone & Gary Vee
  • ​Proud Father of 3 & Husband Married for 20 years; devoted to being a great example of what one can achieve should they decide to keep believing and never settle  

Let Us Guide You Through The ONE THING Standing Between You and Achieving Uncapped Growth and Fulfillment in 2023...

And pull back the curtain on the exact framework I used to go from an 'Industry Outsider' to #1 Challenge Expert in ONLY 2 Short Years...

If you dream of running a business that is both purpose-filled AND highly-profitable, you’ll want to pay attention to the opportunity I’m about to share.

It could be the EXACT key to unlocking the life and business you’ve always wanted…

In Fact, it's so powerful some of the top entrepreneurs of our time use my Challenge framework to take their businesses to new levels of success.

Marketing & Industry Experts All Agree Pedro Challenge Model Has Revolutionized The Game of Online Marketing

Russell Brunson
"It's absolutely incredible what Pedro has been able to accomplish in such a short amount of time" 
Dean Graziosi
"Pedro Is friend That Shows Up and Serves His Clients at the highest level. He has taken online challenges to a whole new level, the modern era"
Bari Baumgardner
“I get to work with some of the most brilliant entrepreneurs and speakers in the world...and Pedro Adao is undoubtedly one of them. Why would you even attempt to learn this on your own or from anyone else when you can learn from Pedro, the person that created it."
Daymond John
"Pedro is an elite marketer...He has helped tens of thousands of my fans...and when we wanted to run a challenge of course he was the obvious choice to help us"
Tresa Todd
“I got to be in the room in Nashville when Pedro shot his first version of Crush it With Challenges. I implemented what I learned in that workshop and have gone on to do 12, Million Dollar Challenges. We did over $15M in revenue last year on the back of Pedro’s challenge model and coaching”
Lewis Howes
"I had heard of challenges & thought they were overdone until I saw Pedro doing it for Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi. I'm always looking for ways to optimize what we do and Pedro's challenge framework was the way to do it."

Pedro Has Directly Consulted On The Following Challenges, All Resulting in Multiple 6-Figures...


Check out these POWERFUL stories from entrepreneurs around the world

Jimmy Ezzell

CEO Of The Young Entrepreneur Project | First Challenge Made 5 Figures

Julie Kinne

First Month Julie Made $1,000... Two Months Later $42,790... And The Very NEXT Month $70,000

Sue Sundstrom

Meeting Pedro Gave Sue The Belief She Needed To Go All In & Achieve Her Third Month Earning 5 Figures

Julia Carlson

Julia Went From Having No Business To A Challenge Based Business With 17 Employees

Julia Winston

In 2020 Julia Was Able To Hit Her First $100,000 Month With Challenges

Nicole Caillier

After Running 2 Challenges In 6 Weeks Nicole Has Generated $360,000

If you’re like many entrepreneurs right now, you may be:

  • Spending on Facebook ads, but not seeing big conversions.
  • ​Paying monthly for dozens of marketing tools, but they’re not getting you closer to where you want to be.
  • ​Purchasing courses and books to add to your mile-long list of strategies that haven’t worked or you haven’t fully accomplished.
  • ​Or maybe you’re trying to move in a new direction or start a new business, but getting off the ground is more difficult than you imagined.

You’re not the only one experiencing this...

TOTAL VALUE OF $49,997 + $14,997 IN BONUSES

As A Special Event Only Offer, 
Get Started For As Little As


Or Save Even More With A One-Time Investment Of Only $4995

Frequently Asked Questions

 Is there a refund option (No) What about guarantee (Yes)...

Due to the live nature of this jumpstart, there are no refunds. However, There is a Guarantee!!!  

If you are not satisfied with the result of your first or next challenge and/or have not made at least 5 Figures from your first or next challenge...then you will have the opportunity to submit a Challenge Makeover Form and have Me (Yes Me Pedro) review your challenge and the offer and I will give you specific instructions on what to do next to make it better.  

Then you can run your new and improved challenge with my feedback and get the results your after. We are here to help you get the result of at least 5 Figures or more.

 What Is The Schedule For The Calls? What If I Miss One?

Each session is between an hour - 90minutes. It starts Tuesday, May 30th. Calls will be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9:30 a.m. PST. Sessions will be streamed into Facebook and placed in the guides for anyone who cannot make it live.

Stephen & Chelsey Diaz

Passive Income Amazon Coach | 7-Figure Challenge Creator

Dr. Janet Roark

Veterinarian | Essential Oils Vet | 6 Figures with her most recent challenge!

Sage Levine

#1 Best Selling Author | CEO of Women Rocking Business Training Company | Reaching over 100,000 conscious women entrepreneurs around the globe

Desirae King

Single Mom With No Ads Made $3K On Her 1st Challenge!


From strategic clarity to dream client in 39 days!

Holly Southerland

Professional Organizer | $40K+ Online Challenge

Kim Walsh Phillips

1st Challenge: $77,093 & 2,000+ New Leads!


40% Conversion Rate On Her Offer + Earned More In 4 Months Than ALL of 2020!


1st Time Running Facebook Ads: 10.5% Opt-in Rate!


5-Day Ballgown Design Challenge - Sew Like a Pro


From Standstill to Breakthrough - A Workshop With A Personal Touch


5-Day Clutch to Cash Challenge For Creative Stay-at-Home Moms

Here's What's Included:

  • 2 Weekly Group Coaching/Training Sessions ($29,997 Value)
  • ​Weekly Accountability & Check-ins ($14,997 Value)
  • ​Private Facebook Group For Accountability & Support ($4,997 Value)


  • ​Richmond’s Entire Organic Traffic Course ($4,997 Value)
  • ​3-hr Workshop How to Design Your First Virtual Event with Bari Baumgardner
    ($4,997 Value)
  • Paid Traffic Training with Kasim Aslam ($4,997 Value)

TOTAL VALUE OF $49,997 + $14,997 IN BONUSES

As A Special Event Only Offer, 
Get Started For As Little As


Or Save Even More With A One-Time Investment Of Only $4995

Who Can Benefit From The 555 June Jumpstart Challenge?

This Works If You're In Any Online Business Industry Including The Following:
  Entrepreneurs that want more engaged “hand raisers” in their audience...
  Entrepreneurs that want to scale their income without feeling like they are working a million hours a day...
  Physical businesses with in-person clients...
  Online businesses with virtual clients around the world...
  Solopreneurs looking for a fast cash injection into their business...
  Entrepreneurs with big teams that want to create consistent cash flow...
  If that is you, then challenges are for you!